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Uniform Payroll Reporting Procedure

With a Swissdec-certified payroll system, pay data can be transmitted electronically with great ease to the salary data recipients. Companies can report such data with the Uniform payroll reporting procedure even from CONCORDIA.

This is based on the prerequisite that the payroll accounting supports uniform payroll reporting procedure. Swissdec keeps a list with certified payroll systems that are suitable for this purpose.


Use of a Swissdec-certified payroll system
Year after year, Swiss companies must process their salary data over and over again and send it to the compensation offices, accident insurance providers, daily sickness allowance insurance providers, pension funds, tax administrations and finally, to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.  For the accounting department and its employees, this task is mostly associated with great temporal and administrative expense.

When using a Swissdec-certified payroll system, the salary data is only processed once and then sent to several independent salary data recipients. The need to fill out other payroll reports is eliminated. This way, the administrative expense is significantly reduced. This saves working hours and the administrative costs are reduced.


Data protection guaranteed
Salary data is transmitted in encrypted format to salary data recipients. This contains exclusive salary data which is intended for them.

Introduction to electronic payroll accounting

  • You need internet access and a Swissdec-certified payroll system. This is something that you choose according to the needs of the company.
  • You can order the insurance profile with the necessary codes at CONCORDIA. You update the basic data for recipients, salaries and employees within the payroll system.
  • Furthermore, in the payroll system, you select the appropriate salary data recipient to whom the data transmission shall be made. Then you transmit the automatically compiled data to the defined recipient. 


Questions regarding the uniform payroll reporting procedure