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Basic insurance
Traditional modelMandatory health care insurance covers the legal basic benefits in the event of illness, accident or maternity
myDocWith myDoc, the family doctor model of CONCORDIA, you save up to 12 % on premiums while still receiving full medical care.
HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)With HMO health insurance by CONCORDIA, you profit from a premium discount of up to 16 % with full insurance coverage.
Supplementary insurances
concordiaMed premiumExclusive health consulting, best service and personal care with direct, privileged access to doctors and hospitals of the Hirslanden group. concordiaMed premium is a feature of PRIVATE Hospital Insurance.
PRIVATE Hospital InsuranceFree choice of doctor and hospital throughout the world, with full coverage in a single room. In addition, you benefit from concordiaMed premium, a personal, round-the-clock health consulting service.
SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance
Free choice of doctor and hospital throughout Switzerland, with full coverage in a two-bed room.
GENERAL Hospital Insurance
Treatment also outside of the canton of residence in the general ward of a contracted hospital.
GENERAL CONFORT Hospital Insurance
Treatment also outside of the canton of residence. Furthermore, by adding GENERAL CONFORT or GENERAL CONFORT plus, you are entitled to a single room or a two-bed room in a contracted hospital.
LIBERO Hospital Insurance
With LIBERO Hospital Insurance, you choose the hospital ward (general, semi-private or private) only upon admission into the hospital.
DIVERSA Coverage of outpatient and inpatient treatment in the event of emergencies abroad, medication not covered by compulsory insurance, vaccinations, eyeglass lenses/contact lenses, dental corrections, ear corrections, search and rescue costs worldwide
NATURA Access to many recognised practitioners of alternative medicine and therapists, many alternative treatment methods, health promotion and prevention (back/posture, fitness, health club, maternity, etc.)
ACCIDENTA Monetary benefits in the event of disability or death resulting from an accident, individually selectable insurance amounts, progressive payout based on the degree of disability, worldwide validity, benefits irrespective of other insurances
TIKU Monetary benefits in the event of disability or death resulting from an illness or accident
INVIVA Fund-linked savings and term life insurance
CONVENIAEndowment life insurance
Dental care Check-ups, conservative treatments, dental prosthetics, orthodontics
Vacation & Travel Coverage of outpatient and inpatient treatment costs worldwide, costs for search and rescue missions, repatriation costs, advance payments for hospital costs, travel costs for a relative or close friend to visit during a stay in hospital abroad, 24-hour emergency call service worldwide
Daily Allowance Daily allowance for incapacity to work due to illness, accident, or pregnancy complications

STANDARD variant: compensation for the maximum amount of earnings lost; employer sick pay and benefits from other insurances are credited

PLUS variant: fixed benefit payment irrespective of the amount of earnings lost - this means  no reduction in the daily allowance if you receive benefits from other insurances or others


The applicable legal provisions, in particular the Swiss federal law on health insurance (KVG/LAMal) and the relative ordinances, the regulations, and the General, Additional and Special Insurance Terms and Conditions prevail.






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