Alternative models
Insured persons who choose an alternative model instead of the traditional models of basic insurance are limited in their choice of service providers. With these two models, CONCORDIA anticipates lower costs and passes this on to our customers in the form of premium discounts. Insured persons may choose between two models: myDoc and HMO.


Basic insurance
Colloquial term for mandatory health care insurance.


Charge point
A method of distinguishing between medical services by means of a tariff (i.e. from a cost perspective).


Charge point value
Assessment of a charge point in monetary units by means of a tariff.


concordiaMed premium
Thanks to concordiaMed premium, privately insured persons automatically benefit from exclusive services and first-class service. This includes comprehensive consultation and support in health-related matters, guaranteed direct and quick access to the leading doctors and private clinics throughout Switzerland, and private insurance coverage in hospitals worldwide.


Cost sharing
Is comprised of the deductible and the retention fee. Adults from age 26 pay an additional participation of CHF 15 per day in the event of a hospital stay.


The deductible is part of the cost-share. All costs produced in the course of a calendar year up to the amount of the deductible must be paid personally. For adults, the minimum deductible with basic insurance is CHF 300.


Family doctor
The family doctor is always the first point of reference and, therefore, the doctor that knows you the best and the one that you trust. MyDoc-insured persons must always first consult their family doctor (except in the event of an emergency) and HMO-insured persons their HMO health centre so that no uncovered costs accrue.


General ward
With basic insurance, the insured person is entitled to treatment in the general ward of a hospital in his canton of residence. With GENERAL Hospital Insurance, in the event of inpatient treatment, the insured person is entitled to the payment of a multi-bed room in a hospital throughout Switzerland; there is no free choice of doctor.


Generic medicine
Imitation drugs. The composition and effects are the same as the original, but the prices are up to 70 % lower.


English; abbreviation for Health Maintenance Organization. Health centre with various service providers.


Inpatient treatment
Treatment in a hospital with at least one overnight stay.


Insurance by agreement as per UVG/LAA/LAINF
Should the employment relationship be cancelled and, following the termination, this leads to a period of interrupted employment without continued pay (e.g. a job change with interruption, unpaid vacation), the employee may extend non-occupational accident insurance by taking out insurance by agreement.


Insurance card
The insurance card combines different functions and advantages.


Swiss federal law on health insurance, prevails for Mandatory Health Care Insurance (basic insurance) from CONCORDIA.


myDoc Family Doctor Insurance
CONCORDIA family doctor model where the family doctor is always the first point of reference.


Mandatory health care insurance; also called basic insurance.


Outpatient treatment
Treatment by a family doctor or in a hospital without an overnight stay.


Premium reduction
Insured persons whose taxable yearly income does not exceed a certain amount are entitled to a reduction of their health insurance premiums.


Modern health and accident insurance providers regard themselves as service providers on the healthcare market. They administer the funds of their customers. They also represent their customers’ interests. These insurance providers are, however, also part of an enterprise that must stay financially healthy in order to be able to render services that have been contractually stipulated upon in a more secure manner. Therefore, accumulating reserves is very important.


All of this plays a role when calculating premiums. An above-average upward increase in premiums can only be avoided if this occurs rationally and on a long-term basis. CONCORDIA is able to eliminate such increases because calculations are done seriously from the beginning. In addition, CONCORDIA, as a sound health and accident insurance provider, has enough reserves and provisions at its disposal.


How much you pay in premiums is dependent on your age, canton of residence and insurance provider. With basic insurance, children and adolescents up to the 18th birthday are entitled to reduced premiums. At CONCORDIA, young adults between the 19th and 25th years of age receive a reduction in basic insurance premium.


Private ward
With PRIVATE Hospital Insurance, in the event of inpatient treatment, the insured person is entitled to a one-bed room in a hospital of his choice throughout the world as well as to the free choice of doctor.


Retention fee
The retention fee is part of the cost-share. With basic insurance, it amounts to 10 % of the costs that exceed the deductible. The maximum retention fee per calendar year is CHF 700 for adults and CHF 350 for children.


Parents may accompany a sick child in the hospital and remain with him for the duration of the stay. The reverse is also true: If, for example, the mother must be hospitalised, she is allowed to bring her toddler with her.

CONCORDIA pays a contribution of a maximum of CHF 60 per day out of all supplementary hospital insurances towards the stay of an accompanying parent in the room of a child or vice versa. It is irrelevant whether the patient is insured with GENERAL, SEMI-PRIVATE, PRIVATE or LIBERO Hospital Insurance.


Second medical opinion

Before a surgical procedure, questions often arise for the patient regarding the appropriateness or necessity of this procedure. A second opinion may be able to bring clarity.


Semi-private ward
With SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance, in the event of inpatient treatment, the insured person is entitled to the payment of a two-bed room in a hospital throughout Switzerland as well as to the free choice of doctor.


Outpatient care by professionals at the home of the patient.


Supplementary insurances
Optional insurances that cover various additional benefits.


Medical tariffs: a medical tariff system implemented in 2004 with scope of cover throughout Switzerland.


Swiss federal law on insurance contracts, law that prevails for supplementary insurance.



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