Second medical opinion: The Four-eyes Principle

When a surgical procedure is imminent, a multitude of questions arise for both the doctor as well as the patient. In general, the doctor's diagnosis is provided with the greatest of care. Naturally, the patient too reflects on the imminent surgery that the doctor has recommended. Is this really necessary? Are there any alternative operative methods? Do I know all of the risks?


A second opinion is understood to be a medical assessment provided by a second doctor before a planned surgical procedure. A second opinion can bring clarity and support your decision-making, but you are free to decide how you would like to proceed.  


These two possibilities are open to you at CONCORDIA to obtain a second medical opinion:



You can obtain a second medical opinion in the fields of vascular disease and orthopedics on without consulting CONCORDIA if the prerequisites listed opposite have been fulfilled.


You will receive a second medical opinion personally served from qualified Swiss experts within a period of ten days. Any potential treatment will not be carried out by the doctor offering the second opinion. In this way, a neutral evaluation is ensured.


2. CONCORDIA health insurance doctor service

In a conversation with you, your questions will be answered and clarified as to whether a second opinion is indicated and if so, if it should be carried out by our medical service or an external doctor.



Vertrauensärztlicher Dienst/ Health insurance doctor service

Bundesplatz 15

6002 Lucerne


Telephone 041 228 03 41
Fax 041 228 03 78




CONCORDIA takes over the costs of a second medical opinion when the following conditions have been fulfilled:


1.   You have taken out a hospital insurance with CONCORDIA.


2.   The planned procedure is considered an obligatory benefit of basic insurance.


3.   The medical procedure can be planned in a realistic time frame and is not an emergency.


4.   There is a maximum of six months of old medical records regarding the planned procedure that you are able to obtain from your doctor.


5.   This is not a third or fourth opinion.


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