Saves on premiums, protects reliably


Change to CONCORDIA and take out your basic insurance (Mandatory Health Care Insurance, myDoc or HMO) with us. Supplement this with DIVERSA and NATURA Insurances and a hospital insurance – and you already benefit from BENEFIT.

The attractive insurance package optimises your insurance protection at preferential conditions. You take out BENEFIT for five years. During the first year, you receive up to a 100 % discount on the supplementary insurance premiums. That makes it perfectly worthwhile for families.

This is what BENEFIT offers

  • attractive discounts on the supplementary insurances during the first year, classified by age:
  • 0 – 15 years 100 %
  • 16 – 40 years 50 %
  • Age 41 and over 25 %

Last possible start of contrat for BENEFIT: 31.12.2019

Choose out of four modules the insurances that fit best for you.

  • Module 1: Basic insurance (Mandatory Health Care Insurance: Traditional model, myDoc or HMO)
  • Module 2: DIVERSApermium, DIVERSAplus or DIVERSAcare
  • Module 3: NATURAplus or NATURA
  • Module 4: PRIVATE, SEMIPRIVATE, GENERAL or LIBERO Hospital Insurance

Additional Information