Discounts on supplementary insurance

Collective Health Care Insurance

Would you like to be even more attractive to your employees? To offer them comprehensive insurance protection? And this, at attractive premiums? Then collective health care insurance for the supplementary care and hospital insurances is the ideal solution.

Mandatory Health Care Insurance by CONCORDIA completes this attractive offer.
Important: Family members of employees also benefit from the collective discount.
Health care insurances can be taken out up until one's 65th birthday.

CONCORDIA offers companies and institutions attractive discounts on the following insurances:


These insurances pay for a whole range of benefits beyond the minimum prescribed by law for basic insurance, such as payments for medication not covered by compulsory insurance, vaccinations and dental corrections, including coverage while abroad.

Hospital Insurance

With Hospital Insurance, you are on the right side. Four variants of hospital insurance for individual requirements - PRIVATE, SEMIPRIVATE and GENERAL.

Here are the features of CONCORDIA Collective Health Care Insurance:

  • Attractive discounts, also for persons living in the same household.
  • Individual advisory services
  • Advantageous solutions for families: Children up to age 15 pay only CHF 2 for GENERAL Hospital Insurance and CHF 4 for DIVERSA and NATURA supplementary insurances.
  • Retired employees continue to benefit from the collective discount.
The General as well as the Additional Insurance Terms and Conditions of CONCORDIA prevail.

Additional Information