Successful since 1914

History of CONCORDIA

CONCORDIA is one of the oldest health and accident insurance providers in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Since its establishment, the health insurance company has understood itself as a representative of insured persons. Initially in Zug, it has been headquartered in Lucerne since 1919.

CONCORDIA emerged from the sickness fund of the Swiss Catholic People's Association in 1914. At that time, social welfare institutions and insurance providers helped the worst off to avoid hardship, but they did not yet offer comprehensive care as we know it today.

Challenge and Continuity

In the course of decades, CONCORDIA has weathered many a storm: wars, influenza epidemics, incisive legislative changes, and so much more. CONCORDIA has had to learn how to fulfil – and to finance – the growing expectations from the customer side as well as the from the State. To this day, this represents a major challenge.

Association owned by the insured persons

Since its foundation, CONCORDIA has legally been a non-profit-orientated association. In over one hundred years, it has grown to become a leading company in the health care industry.

The number of persons insured has developed steadily.

1914         7,005 insured persons

1939         90,486 insured persons

1964         293,030 insured persons

1989         482,358 insured persons

2018         632,000 insured persons

CONCORDIA is distinguished by a solid financial footing, extensive competencies, and an unagitated business policy. It has stayed on track as a responsible, reliable and service-oriented partner – and will continue to do so in the future. Its customers can rely on that.