Financial year

Key figures 2018

CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance Ltd and CONCORDIA Insurances Ltd: key figures for the 2018 financial year                                                                                               
Persons with basic insurance in Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein as of 1.1.2019 632,000
Employees 1,200
Agencies and branches 200
Administrative costs for Mandatory Health Care Insurance 4.6 %
Result CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance Ltd before provision for payment to the insured persons CHF 157m
Result CONCORDIA Insurances Ltd CHF 60m
Premiums earned across all classes of insurance CHF 2.8bn
Benefits paid out  CHF 2.4bn
Combined ratio KVG/LAMal 96.6 %
Combined ratio VVG/LCA 86.7 %

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