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Chronically ill – What next?

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  • Do you suffer from one or even more chronic illnesses?

  • Are you affected by health-related restrictions such as respiratory distress, walking problems, or pain?

  • Are several doctors or therapists involved in your treatment?

  • Do you need to take more than five types of medication per day?

  • Has your state of health ever deteriorated so severely that you have had to go to a doctor on an emergency basis, or were even admitted to the hospital?

If you have already experienced these or similar situations before, you know that being ill means more than just undergoing a medical treatment. The professional, organisational, financial or social barriers and challenges that you, as an affected person of a serious illness in the course of treatment, must face are often stressful and require a lot of energy.
  • Information that is difficult to understand in medical terminology

  • Inadequate exchange of information between the family doctor, specialists and therapists

  • Uncertainty in deciding for treatment options

  • Difficulties in organising and coordinating doctor and therapy appointments

  • Financial problems due to high treatment costs

  • Existential anxiety due to a long illness-related absence at work

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Are you currently in a cumbersome or difficult health and treatment situation? Would you like to receive support with medical, organisational, financial and social issues?

concordiaCoach, on behalf of CONCORDIA, offers you advice tailored to your personal needs by means of a personal coach. This way, you will learn how to shape your treatment actively and with self-determination, and thus to be able to positively influence the treatment outcome.
  • Your personal coach is a medically trained specialist.

  • This coach discusses with you the topics that burden you as part of your illness situation.

  • Together with your coach, you will develop possible solutions.

  • You will learn how you can actively participate in your treatment and contribute to a good treatment outcome.

This "helping you help yourself" is offered by concordiaCoach exclusively to persons insured by CONCORDIA and is available in German and French. The offer is free and voluntary, and can be claimed by all insured persons, regardless of insurance coverage.  

If you are interested in this offer, please complete the evaluation questionnaire. In doing so, you can find out if personal coaching offers a suitable support opportunity for your situation.

Personal consultation:

Assessment questionnaire
Individual health situation

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