CONCORDIA and sponsorship

Commitment to sports and culture 

Movement and incentives for body, mind and soul are important for becoming and staying healthy. Therefore, in the area of sports and culture, CONCORDIA is an advocate for select local and national projects and partnerships. 

Sponsorship: commitment to sports

With its commitment to sports, CONCORDIA puts emphasis on indoor sports. As the partner of basketball, handball, floorball and volleyball associations, CONCORDIA is committed to kindling the joy of movement among the young and old. That is because when individuals are active, they provide long-term support to their health, and they have fun while doing so.

From national teams to Kids’ Days and the Supercup: regarding sports, CONCORDIA is committed to both professional athletes as well as to young talent. 

Musical delight 

To go to a concert and sing together: That is a wonderful experience for the whole family. That’s why CONCORDIA has been supporting two musical projects for years that specifically delight children, such as the ‘Kinderland’ open air concerts. 
You can also benefit from CONCORDIA’s commitment. This means that you can regularly win tickets for athletic events and musical family experiences. 

CONCORDIA is close to people 

Being close to its customers is important for CONCORDIA, and not only in the event of illness. This is why CONCORDIA is committted to offering various activities involving movement with local associations and partners. This includes, for example, its involvement in sports such as swimming, gymnastics, and in various winter sports.
CONCORDIA pursues a consistent sponsoring strategy. It chooses its commitments in targeted fashion. If you have any questions or concerns, please address these directly to