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Hospital Insurance

Life happens and with it, events occur that may lead to a hospital stay. You have the choice of four supplementary hospital insurance policies tailored to your individual needs – PRIVATE, SEMI-PRIVATE, GENERAL or the flexible option, LIBERO.

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CONCORDIA Hospital Insurance - your advantages

Choice of hospital

Choice of hospital

Free choice among hospitals recognized by CONCORDIA

Choice of doctor

Choice of doctor

Free choice of doctor in hospital with PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance

For families

For families

Specials benefits for families – attractive premiums for children

Select the range of benefits for your supplementary hospital insurance

Mandatory health care insurance covers the costs of a hospital stay within your canton of residence. Supplementary hospital insurance from CONCORDIA allows you to be well protected and enjoy more comfort and flexibility. This supplementary insurance is available with different ranges of benefits.
With PRIVATE Hospital Insurance, be first class around the world
Free choice of hospital and doctor throughout Switzerland
Privat, semiprivate, general – free to choose upon hospital admission
On the safe side, even outside of the canton
Free choice of hospital
Choice of doctor in hospital


throughout Switzerland

in the private and semiprivate ward

Hotel service
Full coverage of costs
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