Hospital Insurances

Whether you have private, semiprivate or general insurance – with hospital insurance, you are always on the safe side. Four variants of hospital insurance for individual requirements – PRIVATE, SEMIPRIVATE, LIBERO and GENERAL.

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Choice of hospital

Choice of hospital

Free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland

Choice of doctor

Choice of doctor

Free choice of doctor in the hospital with PRIVATE and SEMIPRIVATE Hospital Insurance

For families

For families

Special benefits for families – attractive premiums for children

Hospital stay outside of the canton of residence

Mandatory Health Care Insurance covers the costs in the event of a hospital stay in the canton of residence. With one of the CONCORDIA hospital insurances, you are protected for further costs. Supplementary insurance comes with different scopes of benefits.
With PRIVATE Hospital Insurance, be first class around the world
Free choice of hospital and doctor throughout Switzerland
Privat, semiprivate, general – free to choose upon hospital admission
On the safe side, even outside of the canton
Free choice of hospital
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throughout Switzerland

in the private and semiprivate ward

Hotel service
Full coverage of costs

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Additional Information

CONCORDIA hospital lists

  • Hospitals without cost coverage, neither KVG/LAMal nor VVG/LCA
  • Hospitals without full cost coverage from the hospital insurances
  • Hospitals without a recognised private ward
  • Hospitals for GENERAL COMFORT and GENERAL COMFORT plus 


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• Hospital Stay

Frequently asked questions regarding hospital stays

  • I have to go to the hospital What do I have to do?

    In the event of an emergency in Switzerland, ordinarily, you will be admitted into a hospital on the cantonal hospital list for your canton of residence. With the help of your CONCORDIA health insurance card – carry it with you at all times! – the hospital can find the address for further information regarding your insurance coverage. The hospital will contact CONCORDIA directly for a confirmation of cover.

    In the event of an emergency while abroad, call the concordiaMed 24-hour emergency service immediately if you have DIVERSA, DIVERSAcare, DIVERSAplus, DIVERSApremium or PRIVATE Hospital Insurance. You will find the number on your health insurance card.

    For a planned hospital stay in the general ward of a hospital found on the cantonal hospital list of your canton of residence, generally speaking, no actions are necessary before hospital admission. The hospital will request the confirmation of cover directly from CONCORDIA. We recommend that you bring your health insurance card with you when being admitted into the hospital.

    For a planned hospital stay in the general ward of a hospital outside of the canton as well as in the semiprivate or private ward of any hospital, the hospital will inform you of the following in the admission orders:

    • if you must bring a confirmation of cover with you. To do so, please contact your CONCORDIA agency or branch.
    • if the clinic will contact CONCORDIA directly for a confirmation of cover: We recommend that you bring your health insurance card with you when being admitted into the hospital.

    The doctor and the hospital must inform the patient fully about the treatment as well as about the financial consequences. In particular, the patient must be made aware if a treatment is not (completely) covered by the insurance.

    In any case, if there are any uncertainties, please consult your CONCORDIA agency or branch before a planned hospital stay to find out how the assumption of costs are handled by CONCORDIA.

  • What must I consider when choosing the hospital for an inpatient treatment?

    When choosing the general ward in a listed hospital in the canton of residence: Each canton compiles a cantonal list of hospitals, which can also contain hospitals outside of the canton. In the event of an inpatient treatment in the general ward of a listed hospital in your canton of residence, the costs are fully covered by Mandatory Health Care Insurance within the context of the service mandate for this listed hospital.

    When choosing the general ward of a hospital on the hospital list in another canton (listed hospital in the siting canton): If a stationary treatment takes place in the general ward of a so-called listed hospital in the siting canton, only the costs in line with the tariff that applies for the treatment in question at a listed hospital of your canton of residence are covered. The gaps in coverage are assumed by GENERAL Hospital Insurance. Persons who have no hospital insurance must account for the gaps in coverage themselves for treatments in the general ward of a hospital on the hospital list of another canton. In the event of treatments due to medical conditions or emergencies, the costs are fully covered.

    When choosing a contracted hospital: CONCORDIA may conclude a contract with hospitals that are not on the hospital list. For such contracted hospitals, GENERAL Hospital Insurance bears the full costs for the treatment in the general ward. Persons who have no hospital insurance are not fully insured for a stay in a contracted hospital and must account for a large part of the costs themselves.

    When choosing a private or semiprivate ward throughout Switzerland: For inpatient treatments in the private or semiprivate ward of a hospital in Switzerland, a part of the costs is assumed by basic insurance and the other by either PRIVATE or SEMIPRIVATE Hospital Insurance. The prerequisite for the costs to be assumed is the existence of a tariff contract between the hospital and CONCORDIA for that ward. CONCORDIA endeavours, to the extent possible, to conclude contracts with high-quality, efficiently operating hospitals and affiliated physicians for private and semiprivate wards with a free choice of doctor. Hospitals with which no contract has been stipulated and therefore do not cover costs fully under some circumstances can be found on the following list of hospitals without a full coverage of costs for the hospital insurances.

    Caution when choosing hospitals for which no costs at all will be taken over. There are hospitals that, under certain circumstances, do not appear on the cantonal list and with which no contract has been stipulated. No benefits at all may be provided for such hospitals, independent of the existing insurance.

    In case of doubt, please consult your CONCORDIA agency in any case before a planned hospital stay to find out how the assumption of costs are handled by CONCORDIA.

  • My toddler has to be hospitalised for an operation. I don't want to leave my daughter alone during this difficult period, and I would like to be there as much as possible for her. Can I stay with her in the hospital even overnight?

    The separation of an infant from the mother or a toddler from the parents can be stressful for both sides. To reduce this, most hospitals offer a so-called "rooming in" option. Parents may accompany a sick child in the hospital and remain with him for the duration of the stay. The reverse is also true: If, for example, the mother must be hospitalised, she is allowed to bring her toddler with her.

    CONCORDIA pays a contribution of a maximum of CHF 60 per day out of all supplementary hospital insurances towards the stay of an accompanying parent in the hospital where the child is staying or vice versa. It is irrelevant whether the patient is insured with PRIVATE, SEMIPRIVATE, LIVERO or GENERAL Hospital Insurance.

    CONCORDIA pays a maximum of CHF 60 out of the supplementary insurance DIVERSAcare and a maximum of CHF 100 out of DIVERSApremium per night of the stay of the accompanying parent in the hospital where the child (until the age of 10) is staying or vice versa (max. ten nights per calendar year).

  • In the near future, I'm in store for a serious operation. I would like to be treated for it in a German clinic of my choice. Does CONCORDIA assume the costs?

    With PRIVATE Hospital Insurance, you are free to choose your clinic or hospital around the world whilst enjoying full coverage in the private ward. In any case, before a planned hospital stay abroad, please contact your CONCORDIA agency or branch at your earliest convenience so that the forthcoming hospital stay may be. planned in an optimum manner.

    In addition, with PRIVATE Hospital Insurance, you benefit from the advantage of concordiaMed premium. With this comprehensive package of benefits, you have quick and direct access to doctors and hospitals. You also enjoy the best service and personal care and can take advantage of exclusive health counselling around the clock.

  • Unfortunately, this year I must be hospitalised for the second time. Now do I have to pay my deductible of CHF 5000 again even though I already paid the first time in spring?

    No, the deductible is only paid once a year. Even if you must be hospitalised many times during the same calendar year, you only pay the deductible once. The situation is different when it comes to a hospital stay that lasts into the new year. In the event of a short-term hospital stay lasting up to 30 days, the deductible is charged only once. If the stay lasts more than 30 days, the deductible is charged for both years.

    However, with hospital insurance, the opportunity exists where no deductible must be paid. When being admitted into the hospital, you choose the ward in which you would like to be treated. If you have private insurance and, for example, you choose to stay in the semiprivate ward, you only pay half of the deductible. However, if you choose to be treated in the general ward, you will not be charged any deductible. Hospital insurance with a high deductible doesn't only allow for monthly discounts, but it also leaves some elbow room for personal decisions.