Protection from loss of earnings

Individual Daily Allowance Insurance

In many cases, incapacity for work results in having to get by with less income. Daily allowance insurance offers financial security in the event of incapacity for work due to illness, pregnancy complications or accident.

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Daily Allowance Insurance – Your Advantages

Flexible rate

Flexible rate

Select the daily allowance personally

Flexible start date

Flexible start date

Select the start of benefits personally

Flexible combination

Flexible combination

Combine illness and/or accident risks


Choose the benefits included in your daily allowance insurance:

  • Are you an employee? This daily allowance insurance is perfect for you if your employer has taken out insurance that covers less than 100 % of your salary, or if he does not provide a daily allowance insurance.

  • CONCORDIA pays a maximum of benefits totalling the wages or salary lost.

  • Are you self-employed or do you run a household? CONCORDIA pays the stipulated benefit in any case – regardless of the amount of the loss of earnings accrued.

  • Daily allowance amounts are not reduced when you perceive benefits from other private and social insurance.

  • Proof of lost earnings is not required.

  • Are you a farmer or run a household in the farming sector?

  • CONCORDIA pays up to the amount of the loss of earnings accrued.

  • Are you interested in voluntary daily allowance insurance? You can choose your daily allowance up to a maximum of CHF 30.

  • CONCORDIA pays up to the amount of the loss of earnings accrued.

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