Cantonal contributions

Apply for premium reductions

Many live in modest financial circumstances. Health insurance premiums constitute a heavy burden. In particular, families with children and single parents are affected by this. They are entitled to a reduction in premiums.

The decision on who receives financial contributions towards health insurance premiums is regulated at the cantonal level. Please note: the reduction must be applied for every year.

Here you will find the conditions of the individual cantons:

  • Are you entitled to a premium reduction?
    Then contact the competent authorities in your canton of residence. You will find the right addresses via the cantonal list above.
  • Do I receive premium reductions?
    Indications result from the conditions of the cantons. You can find the list above. There is entitlement only after a definitive decision from the competent authorities. 
  • How do I apply for a reduction?
    The formalities are written on the websites of the cantons; please see the link list above.