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Electronic invoicing (eBill)

You no longer want to settle health insurance premiums with a paper statement, but you also don’t want to pay with direct debit through the bank (LSV+) or CH-DD Direct Debit? Then we recommend that you try the electronic invoicing (eBill) as a method of payment.

With electronic invoicing (eBill), you receive invoices electronically and can pay premiums and cost sharing quickly, easily and securely via your e-banking account.


With electronic invoicing (eBill), you help CONCORDIA to further reduce the administrative costs – and thereby to curb the premium increase.

The advantages of paying by eBill

  • easy
  • quick
  • paperless
  • manageable
  • secure

Four steps to electronic invoicing (eBill)

The reception of electronic invoice (eBill) in your e-banking is easy to set up. For this purpose, use the instructions.

This is what you must know

  • Electronic invoicing (eBill) requires a Swiss bank or postal account.
  • Set up a permanent authorisation quickly and easily. This way, invoices up to a certain amount are processed automatically. You can find more information on permanent authorisation here.

Questions and answers regarding electronic invoicing (eBill)

  • How can I register to pay via electronic invoicing (eBill)?

    You must always register via your online banking system.

    There are two ways to register:

    1. Registration via the invoicing party list (search for CONCORDIA) by entering your insurance number.

    2. If you have already signed up for the electronic invoicing procedure, once you have entered the reference number, you will be informed that you can sign up for payment by electronic invoice (eBill) with CONCORDIA.

  • I no longer wish to receive electronic invoices (eBill) from CONCORDIA.
    Then unsubscribe directly in your online banking system.
  • I rejected an electronic invoice (eBill) because in my opinion, it was incorrect. Why has CONCORDIA not contacted me?
    In this case, we presuppose that you will get in contact with us. If you don’t, you will receive a payment reminder by post once the payment period for your invoice has elapsed.
  • Can I also pay the premiums of my provision insurance via eBill?
    Yes, simply select the biller «CONCORDIA prevention» by «eBill» in your e-banking.
  • My company has concluded a contract with CONCORDIA for daily sickness allowance. Can I also pay the premiums via electronic invoicing (eBill)?
  • Will I receive a discount if I pay with electronic invoices (eBill)?
    No. You help us, however, to lower the administrative costs.
  • My premiums are going to change, e.g. following a move. However, I have already received the electronic invoice (eBill).
    Just refuse the old electronic invoice in the online banking system. You will be sent a new electronic invoice (eBill). 
  • In the event of a death, what happens to the electronic invoice (eBill) that has already been sent?
    The invoice amount for the following month will be cancelled. We will issue no reminders nor warnings.
  • I’m traveling abroad for a long period and the contract ends as of the end of the month. However, I have already received the electronic invoice (eBill).
    Please refuse the old electronic invoice (eBill).
  • Is it possible to make premium payments for several months at a time via electronic invoicing (eBill)?
    Yes, you can choose the payment type.
  • I am changing banks, but would like to continue to pay by electronic invoice (eBill).
    You can make changes in your online banking system.  Please contact your bank directly.
  • Can even the smallest amounts be invoiced by electronic invoicing (eBill)?
    Yes, starting at CHF 0.01. 
  • Are credits also issued by electronic invoice (eBill)?
    No, electronic invoicing (eBill) is only for incoming payments.
  • I have changed to electronic invoicing (eBill), but have received an invoice through the post again.
    It generally takes a couple of working days to activate electronic invoicing (eBill). Therefore, it can happen that you receive your invoices by post during this time. Pay these just as before. 
  • Where can I find assistance if the registration for electronic invoicing (eBill) per e-banking fails?
    Please contact your bank directly.
  • Is data protection guaranteed for electronic invoicing (eBill)?
    Yes. Banks, as well as SIX Paynet Ltd and PostFinance Ltd, have undertaken to keep stored data confidential and to use it solely for the purposes of providing electronic invoices (eBill).
  • Is data security guaranteed for electronic invoicing (eBill)?
    Yes. Electronic invoicing (eBill) is an integral part of online banking.  Therefore, the sector-specific, comprehensive safeguards and data protection guidelines also apply to electronic invoices (eBill).
  • What does it cost if I wish to receive electronic invoices (eBill)?
    It is free of charge for private individuals. 

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