Reliable, competent, service-minded

Code of Conduct

CONCORDIA is guided by three core values: high-level reliability, strong competence, and a readiness to provide services. All employees know these values and act accordingly. They willingly allow themselves to be judged by the customers according to these values.

The code of conduct is derived from these core values. They ensure that the customers are satisfied with the services of CONCORDIA – or even enthusiastic about them.

The satisfaction and enthusiasm of our customers form the basis for success at CONCORDIA. 


CONCORDIA Code of conduct

Work and customer relationship
We work in a professional manner and are qualified in our field. We make decisions based on factual and comprehensible criteria.

Loyalty and independence
We are loyal to CONCORDIA at all times. We pay particular attention during our contact with outside associates.

Compliance and ethics
As an health and provision insurance company, we feel particularly obligged to behave in an impeccable manner. We comply with the legal requirements, the regulations of the supervisory authority and the directives of CONCORDIA.

Confidentiality and data protection
We are bound by the duty of confidentiality. Any information regarding our customers is treated with strict confidentiality.

Internal relations and working atmosphere
Our behaviour when dealing with work colleagues is marked by collaboration in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect.

Cost awareness and cost effectiveness
We keep our administrative costs at a low level and waste neither material nor time.

Reporting office

You can report violations of the code of conduct to