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Smart telemedicine with smartDoc

With the smartDoc basic insurance model, you decide when, where and how to take care of your medical concerns. Save time in the waiting room and contact the Medgate digital health practice via the CONCORDIA Medgate app or by telephone. The smartDoc telemedicine model enables you to benefit from attractive premiums.

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I am interested in the smartDoc basic insurance model:

smartDoc – how you benefit

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One point of contact

Medgate is there to help with your medical concerns

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Any time and place

By telephone, app or chat – around the clock, from home or on the go

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Cut costs

No unnecessary treatment – lower premiums

Telemedicine model: virtual doctor’s appointment with smartDoc

The smartDoc telemedicine model is a modern version of mandatory health care insurance (OKP, basic insurance). In the event of a medical problem, you always contact the digital health practice first – either by telephone or via chat in the CONCORDIA Medgate app. The Medgate digital healthcare practice is there for you around the clock.
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During the telephone, video or CONCORDIA Medgate app consultation, the Medgate doctors will decide what further treatment you require. They will give you tips on how to treat yourself or will refer you to a doctor, specialist or hospital for a physical consultation if required. Since this helps to prevent unnecessary visits to the doctor, we are able to offer the smartDoc telemedicine model at attractive premiums.

You can obtain specialist medical advice without contacting Medgate beforehand in the following situations:

  • Emergencies
  • Gynaecological checks
  • Obstetric care
  • Dental examination
  • Ophthalmologist appointment for glasses and contact lenses
  • Paediatrician treatment up to the age of 18
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What to consider when taking out smartDoc insurance:
  • Point of contact: insured persons with smartDoc insurance must always contact the Medgate digital health practice first when they have health concerns – either by phone on +41 41 228 18 28 or via the CONCORDIA Medgate app.
  • Treatment: Medgate advises the insured person and determines which medical treatments are required.
  • Medicines: smartDoc insured persons undertake to purchase cost-effective medicines such as generics or biosimilars if they are available and their use is possible. The retention fee for insured persons for these medicines is generally only 10 %.
    However, if the insured person chooses a medicine that is on the list of medicines with an increased retention fee instead of a cheaper alternative product, only 50 % of the costs are reimbursed; in addition, they pay a retention fee of 40 % on the remaining amount.
  • Doctor’s appointment: If required, over 3,000 doctors from all specialist fields are available for a physical consultation within the Medgate Partner Network. Costs are not covered for other service providers (see Art. 9 of the smartDoc Supplementary Regulations).
  • Cost contribution: the remote medical consultations (telephone, video or chat consultation) are subject to a charge, just like visits to a doctor’s practice. They are charged via Tarmed. You participate in the costs via the deductible and the retention fee.
  • Tariffs: on working days, a daytime teleconsultation costs CHF 50 on average. Consultations at night between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., at weekends and on bank holidays are subject to a surcharge. For telephone consultations, insured persons must also pay the usual call charges. By contrast, digital consultations via the appointment scheduling function and the symptom checker are free of charge for insured persons with smartDoc insurance.
  • Area covered: smartDoc insurance can be taken out anywhere in Switzerland (see Art. 3.1 of the smartDoc Supplementary Regulations).
Medgate Partner Network

The Medgate partner network

You can see which service providers – e.g. doctors, physiotherapists, clinics and pharmacies – are affiliated with the Medgate Partner Network in this directory.

How you benefit with smartDoc

  • With the Medgate health practice, you no longer have to spend time sitting in the waiting room.
  • The Medgate doctors are there for you around the clock.
  • If required, you will receive an appointment for a virtual or physical consultation within an acceptable period of time.
  • You decide how to contact Medgate: by telephone, video call or chat.
  • Use the simple and efficient CONCORDIA Medgate app for all your medical problems.
  • Cut costs by avoiding unnecessary visits to the doctor and treating yourself or get a direct and fast referral to a specialist.
  • You will also benefit from attractive premiums.

I am interested in the smartDoc basic insurance model:


Overview of smartDoc benefits

You can take out the smartDoc telemedicine model with effect from 1 January of every year. Calculate your smartDoc premium easily with our premium calculator or get advice from a CONCORDIA agency.

Download CONCORDIA overview of benefits as a PDF.


With the CONCORDIA Medgate app, you can consult your doctor at any time and from any place. Whether you’re at home or out and about – the process is simple and there is no need to sit in a waiting room. You decide which app function – phone call, video consultation, symptom checker or chat – is best for you and your medical concern.
  • Book your doctor’s consultation easily via the CONCORDIA Medgate app – directly and up to 48 hours in advance.

  • If required, you can upload photos, videos or audio recordings and transmit them together with the appointment booking.

  • The Medgate doctor will contact you punctually at the time of your appointment.

  • If required, the Medgate doctor will issue a prescription, medical certificate or referral (e.g. for physiotherapy) for you.

  • You will receive medical certificates and referrals directly in the CONCORDIA Medgate app after the consultation.

  • Following the doctor’s consultation, you will receive your personal treatment plan in the CONCORDIA Medgate app. You will then have all required information about the recommended treatment to hand.

  • As an insured person with smartDoc telemedicine insurance, you can also adjust your treatment plan directly in the app.

  • Enter your symptoms in the app.

  • You will receive a recommendation from Medgate based on artificial intelligence.

  • If necessary, you will be referred directly to a doctor.

  • This saves you time and money.

  • Set up profiles for yourself and your family members in the app.

  • Save information about allergies, medicines, etc., in a secure manner so that the doctor treating you is already informed about them before the teleconsultation.

  • Make a note of your favourite doctors so that you can book your next teleconsultation directly with them.

  • Connect your wearables, apps and sensors to the CONCORDIA Medgate app and make your health data available to the Medgate doctors.

  • During a teleconsultation, the Medgate doctors will take your health data into account where it makes sense to do so, enabling them to improve the advice and treatment they give you.

  • The CONCORDIA Medgate app provides a practical overview of all of your health data that has been recorded.


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