The HMO model by CONCORDIA is a high quality model and yet inexpensive.
Low premiums, full protection

HMO Model

If you are insured with HMO, your first point of contact is always your HMO health centre or your HMO doctor. The benefits are the same as with the basic insurance traditional model. The premiums, in contrast, are noticeably more favourable.

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The advantages of the HMO model, a variant of basic health insurance

One point of contact

One point of contact

Personal HMO doctor as the first contact person

High quality

High quality

A diverse range of medical expertise – united under one roof

Attractive premiums

Attractive premiums

No unnecessary examinations – lower premiums

Everything you need to know about the HMO model

  • A wide range of medical expertise – united under one roof
    HMO is the abbreviation for "Health Management Organisation". Health insurance models which have the health centre or the family doctor as the first point of contact in the event of illness or medical issues, are also proving their worth in other countries. The HMO model keeps the health costs - and thus the premiums – low and provides high quality basic medical care with high standards.
  • Personal HMO doctor as the first contact person

    Your HMO team accompanies you during your treatment and takes care of the organisation when you are in need of a hospital stay or of medical provision and care at home.

    • HMO doctor as first contact in the event of medical issues or illness
    • Outpatient medical care at any time
    • Immediate access to any doctor and hospital in case of emergency
    • No unnecessary repetition of examinations
  • Directly to the specialist without consulting the HMO practice

    If required, the HMO practice or your HMO doctor will refer you to a specialist. Without a referral, you can go directly to the doctor in the following cases:

    • in case of emergency
    • for gynaecological check-ups 
    • for obstetric care 
    • to the ophthalmologist for the prescription of glasses and contact lenses
  • Health insurance with the HMO model – low costs for singles, couples and families
    • Premium discount of at least 11.5 %
    • Save on premiums additionally by means of higher deductibles
    • 88 % discount on basic insurance premiums beginning with the third child

Find your HMO centre

In some regions, family doctors have joined together to form HMO networks of doctors. Check our HMO list to find out which HMO centres are available to you.

Locations of HMO health centres and doctor networks

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