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Become a partner of CONCORDIA

Sponsorship requests

Thank you for your interest in a partnership with us.

CONCORDIA is one of the largest health insurance companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With our approximately 190 agencies, we are synonymous with personal proximity to our customers and have deep regional roots.

That is why we are also involved in sponsorship activities, both on a national level via our sponsorship team at our headquarters and on a local and regional level via our agencies.

Local and regional sponsorship requests

Every club and association dreams of having a secure financial base. It enables investments to be made in infrastructure, the promotion of young talents and much more besides. CONCORDIA offers a sponsorship package for clubs and associations with 50 or more members in order to provide grassroots support.

Contact your nearest CONCORDIA agency to take advantage of CONCORDIA’s sponsorship of clubs and associations. We would be happy to provide more detailed information on our offer and to consider local and regional sponsorship requests on site.

Request for customer gifts

We are happy to consider requests for tombola prizes or customer gifts for events and camps.


National and cross-regional sponsorship requests

As a health insurance provider, we only have a limited sponsorship budget. We try to reach as many people as possible with it and to motivate them to do more exercise and sensible leisure activities.

CONCORDIA pursues a consistent sponsorship strategy and systematically selects its commitments. Where national commitments and projects are concerned, we stick to the following criteria, among others:

  • Does the project have a national or cross-regional focus?
  • Does it involve a team sport?
  • Does it involve a multi-day event?
  • Is exclusivity guaranteed within the health insurance industry?
Our sponsorship team will be happy to consider your request and contact you in the coming days.