Favourable conditions and discounts

Eye surgeries

CONCORDIA has concluded advantageous agreements with service providers. Consequently, persons insured who have trouble seeing or problems with their eyes can benefit from advantageous conditions and reductions at the ophthalmologist and at eye clinics.

Refractive surgery

Laser vision correction

The term «refractive surgery» is an umbrella term for eye operations that replace eyeglasses or contact lenses by correcting vision. Different visual defects can thereby be corrected – in particular myopia (near-sightedness), hypermetropia (far-sightedness), and astigmatism (corneal curvature). In some cases, this surgical technique can also help in case of presbyopia later in life. These types of operation are often performed using laser technology.

Higher discounts for persons insured with CONCORDIA

These surgeries are relatively expensive. They must be paid by the parties concerned themselves. Therefore, CONCORDIA has concluded advantageous cost inclusive agreements: Persons insured with CONCORDIA benefit from a discount on laser vision correction with ARGUS Augen.

Before a procedure with each partner, please request a cost estimate.

Contributions provided from DIVERSA supplementary insurance

Insured persons with DIVERSAcare or DIVERSApremium benefit from a contribution for this vision correction not covered by mandatory health care insurance. You can find further information in the Additional Insurance Terms and Conditions of DIVERSA 2017.