Vorsorgen mit CONVITA: 3. Säule - gebundene Vorsorge (3a)
Pillar 3a insurance solution (tied pension provision)

Retirement planning with CONVITA

Are you looking to save for your future, protect yourself financially with a guaranteed lump-sum death and disability benefit and save tax at the same time? Then the CONVITA modular pension provision is the ideal solution for you.

With the CONVITA pension provision solution, you get a modular insurance policy that enables you to save like you would with a bank account while simultaneously insuring yourself against the risks of death and disability as you would with an insurance company. This pillar 3a tied pension provision solution is a voluntary way of saving privately for your retirement. You can use it to make up pension shortfalls in your first and second pillar coverage (AHV/AVS/OASI and occupational pension fund). It is worth thinking about your future financial security at a young age, even if the investment period will be a long one. 

The advantages of CONVITA pension provision

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Plan for your future with fund savings in pillar 3a

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Guaranteed lump sum in the event of death or disability

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Clear tax advantages

Premiums paid can be deducted from your taxable income

Are you looking for an insurance solution for pension provision that you can always adapt according to your situation in life?

CONVITA pension provision offers the ideal solution:

With CONVITA pension provision, you are opting for a tied pension solution (pillar 3a) that you can structure in a modular way and adapt flexibly.

  • The CONVITAsave  module enables you to invest your money and save for your retirement.
  • With the CONVITArisk module, you insure yourself against the financial consequences of disability and/or death due to illness or accident.
  • The premium waiver module allows you to reach your pension target even if you become unable to undertake gainful activity due to illness or accident.

Whichever module you choose, you will save tax, as you can deduct premiums paid from your taxable income.

Frequently asked questions about CONVITA retirement provision: