Health insurance provider


Founded in 1913 as a health insurance provider, CONCORDIA today, with its 632,000 insured persons as well as 190 agencies, is one of the largest health insurance providers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In surveys regarding customer satisfaction, CONCORDIA performs above average.

Since its foundation, CONCORDIA has legally been an association. Created as a self-help organisation, it has developed, in over 100 years, into a highly professional company in the health care industry. CONCORDIA offers mandatory health care insurance and optional supplementary insurance as well as several provision solutions. Approximately 1,400 persons, of which 700 are employed at the headquarters in Lucerne, are committed to working for the insured persons.
CONCORDIA offers the best possible and reliable protection against the financial consequences of illness and accident. It stands out by offering first class services, a secure financial basis and special benefits for families. CONCORDIA attaches particular importance to personal closeness and geographical proximity of its customers. It does this because insurance is and remains a matter of trust that sometimes even requires a private consultation.