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Insured worldwide in the event of an accident.

Accident insurance ACCIDENTA

Accidents happen in a matter of seconds. But they often change a whole life – protect yourself and your dependants. ACCIDENTA offers financial security with capital benefits in the event of an accident. Even when other insurances are already providing benefits.

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Variable amount

Variable amount

Individually chosen insurance sum

Attractive benefits

Attractive benefits

Incident-oriented payout

Worldwide cover

Worldwide cover

The same benefits – at home or abroad

Here are the most important advantages of ACCIDENTA Accident Insurance

  • Capital benefits in the event of disability or death resulting from an accident
  • Insurance sum selected on an individual basis
  • Benefit payments regardless of other insurances
  • Progressive payments adjusted to the degree of disability
  • Worldwide validity

Progressive payout in case of disability

According to the degree of disability, CONCORDIA pays out more than what was insured. For a disability of 100 percent, for example, more than three times the chosen insurance sum is paid out. 

The following example shows the progressive payment with an insurance sum of CHF 100,000:

Degree of disability
Degree of disability with progression
Insurance sum
Effective payout
25 % 25 % CHF 100,000 CHF 25,000
50 % 100 % CHF 100,000 CHF 100,000
75 % 225 % CHF 100,000 CHF 225,000
100 % 350 % CHF 100,000 CHF 350,000

Payout for accidents resulting in death

If the insured person dies within the space of five years from the consequences of an accident, the insurance sum will be paid out after the deduction of any disability compensation that has possibly already been provided for the same accident. 

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