Term life insurance – pillar 3b (flexible pension provision)


TIKU/DIMA/DIMI offers financial security thanks to capital payments in the event of disability or death. The disability and death benefits insurance is suitable for all those who would like to protect themselves and their dependents against the financial effects of illness and accident.

How you benefit with TIKU/DIMA/DIMI term life insurance

Variable amount

Variable amount

Individually chosen insurance sums

For families

For families

Special benefits – attractive premiums for children



For illness and accident – from the age of 21 on, only for illness, too

What TIKU/DIMA/DIMI term life insurance offers

  • Coverage in the event of disability or death resulting from an illness or accident
  • Payout of the whole capital starting at a degree of disability of 70%
  • Payout of disability benefits starting at a degree of disability of 25%
  • Insurance sums selected on an individual basis
  • High level of insurance coverage with low premiums
  • Free choice of beneficiaries

TIKU/DIMA/DIMI is ideal for:

  • Children and adolescents, persons not undertaking gainful activity (AHV/AVS/OASI, IV/AI): a disability or death in the family can cause great financial difficulties. TIKU/DIMA/DIMI offers affordable insurance coverage particularly to women, children and adolescents.
  • Gainfully employed persons (AHV/AVS/OASI, IV/AI, UVG/LAA/LAINF, BVG/LPP): risk protection for business or private obligations, security when building a home (mortgage), or as a supplement to social insurance provision.

Additional information on TIKU/DIMA/DIMI disability and term life insurance