For alternative medicine

NATURA Supplementary Insurance

NATURA pays for alternative medicine, health promotion, and prevention or preventive health care.

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Natural alternatives

Natural alternatives

Contributions towards alternative treatments – more than 70 methods with NATURA, more than 130 with NATURAplus

Health promotion

Health promotion

Contributions towards health promotion and illness prevention

For families

For families

Special benefits for families – attractive premiums for children

Live consciously, prevent purposefully, stay healthy. NATURA pays for holistic healing methods and treatments. The supplementary insurance also supports diverse activities concerning health promotion and prevention – those who live consciously and stay active promote their own health, help to reduce the costs of health care.

NATURA Supplementary Insurance comes with different scopes of benefits. This way, the insurance protection can be adjusted to the personal situation as well as to individual demands.

CONCORDIA maintains lists of the measures and service providers that it recognises. These lists serve as the basis for the reimbursement of insurance benefits. Should you want to know for example which providers appear on the list of therapists recognised by CONCORDIA or how much CONCORDIA reimburses for treatments provided by your naturopath or therapist, please feel free to contact your CONCORDIA agency.

Here is what NATURA offers:

  • Alternative medicine: Treatments by recognised and regularly inspected doctors, naturopaths and therapists
  • Contributions towards more than 70 different alternative treatment methods
  • Contributions towards health promotion, e.g. back and posture training, physical fitness, childbirth preparation course and pregnancy
  • Contributions towards preventative measures
  • Participating in covering costs from the first Swiss franc on – even without a deductible
  • For families: children up to the age of 15 only pay premiums of CHF 5 per month (does not apply to NATURAplus)

Here is what NATURAplus offers in addition:

  • Contributions towards more than 130 different alternative treatment methods
  • Contributions towards baby swimming course
  • Compensation for a sports club membership (Sport Bonus)



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