Alternative medicine, health promotion and prevention

NATURA supplementary insurance

NATURA supplementary insurance stands for alternative medicine, health promotion and prevention. If you prefer alternative treatments and you value a healthy lifestyle, NATURA is the ideal insurance cover for you.

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NATURA supplementary insurance – Your advantages


Natural alternatives

Comprehensive contributions towards numerous alternative treatments

Uncomplicated cost coverage

Uncomplicated cost coverage

No deductible, no referral from the family doctor or prescription required

Health promotion and prevention

Health promotion and prevention

Sport Bonus, contributions towards fitness subscriptions, baby swimming and much more

Live consciously, prevent, stay healthy

NATURA pays contributions towards holistic, natural healing methods and treatments. This supplementary insurance also supports various activities aimed at the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention. Those who live consciously and actively, in addition to protecting their own health, can also help to reduce health care costs.

CONCORDIA maintains lists of recognised treatment and service providers that represent the basis for the payment of insurance benefits. For example, if you would like to know who is on the CONCORDIA list of therapists and how much CONCORDIA will pay for a treatment with your naturopath or therapist, please contact your CONCORDIA agency.

Choose your NATURA supplementary insurance

NATURA supplementary insurance offers you a choice of two options, depending on your personal circumstances and individual needs.

NATURA supplementary insurance offers the following:

  • Alternative medicine:

  • Treatments by doctors, naturopaths and therapists recognised by CONCORDIA
  • Contributions towards the most popular alternative treatment methods such as osteopathy and kinesiology
  • Health promotion:

  • Back and posture: Contributions, for example, towards gym and back exercises as well as postural exercises
  • Fitness: Contributions toward, for example, fitness subscriptions and classes
  • Pregnancy and family: Contributions, for example, towards childbirth preparation, breastfeeding advice and mother/father and child gym
  • Prevention:

  • For example, a medical check-up that is not covered by mandatory health care insurance
  • Advantageous for families: Children up to the age of 15 only pay CHF 5 premium per month (only applies to the NATURA option)

NATURAplus supplementary insurance offers in addition:

  • Alternative medicine:

  • Contribution towards a comprehensive range of alternative treatment methods
  • Health promotion:

  • Contributions towards baby swimming
  • Contributions towards yoga courses with therapists recognised by CONCORDIA
  • Contribution towards your sports club membership (Sport Bonus)

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