New living situation

Move or change of personal situation

A relocation to a new region or a move away to another canton can impact the premiums of your health insurance. The same applies in a family or personal situation that has changed. Find out about the new premiums at your CONCORDIA agency.

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Close to you

Close to you

Consultation on-site by your personal contact person

Consultation and advisory service

Consultation and advisory service

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First class service

First class service

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You move in, you move out, you relocate, you move in together or start an apartment community: the needs and conditions for insurance protection also change along with your life. Conduct the necessary enquiries in a timely manner, and arrange for the required changes. A good and timely preparation prevents mishaps and failures. 
  • Check with which family doctor you would like to consult in the new place of residence.
  • Arrange a meeting with a CONCORDIA advisor in order to find out how your premium situation will change. Ideally, together you will find possibilities for optimisation.
  • Inform us of your new address and in doing so, you snap up smoothly the first class services of CONCORDIA.

Has your family situation changed?

By meeting with your CONCORDIA advisor, you will find that insurance combination which corresponds exactly to your needs.


Are you about to move to a retirement and nursing home?

This will have a big effect on your health insurance. Your personal CONCORDIA advisor will discuss topics such as power of attorney, family doctor and place of residence with you.