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Statement of benefits and checking invoices

For each invoice that we reimburse to benefits and service providers, such as doctors, hospitals and therapists, you will receive a statement of benefits from CONCORDIA. This applies also to services and benefits that you have paid and that we reimburse to you.

What is really in a statement of benefits?

The detailed description and explanation can be found in the Information regarding the statement of benefits.

Should a provider of benefits send an invoice directly to CONCORDIA, that provider must deliver a copy to you at the same time. They are legally obligated to do so. 

Always check the invoice or copy of the invoice from the doctor, hospital and therapist carefully. Your checking of the invoices helps us to save on costs.

There are accounting mistakes that only you yourself can detect. Such as when, for example, two packages of a pain reliever might be calculated on the invoice although you only received one package. For this reason, we are very grateful for your assistance in checking your bills.

What to do if you detect a mistake on the invoice?

Regarding this, you will find all important information in the Instructions on checking invoices.

Check your invoices and help us to lower costs!

  • Are the number of consultations as well as the dates correct?
  • Is the indication regarding treatment duration on the invoice correct?
  • Was the surcharge for an emergency (immediate treatment without waiting time) calculated correctly? Was it indeed an emergency?
  • Also, verify that the information (such as the amounts) concerning the invoiced medications and medical aids are correct.
If you discover an error, make a corresponding note on a separate sheet of paper. Send this together with the invoice or the copy of the invoice to your CONCORDIA agency.

And if the benefit or service provider invoices CONCORDIA directly, but delivers no copy of the invoice to you?

Invoices that the benefit or service provider has sent directly to CONCORDIA can be retrieved digitally in the customer portal myCONCORDIA - anytime and anywhere.

Alternatively, you can download a coupon, fill it out completely, and then submit it to your doctor or hospital. In doing so, you will receive a copy of the invoices in the future. Its delivery is complimentary to you. The document is intended for you yourself. Please forward it to CONCORDIA only in the event of discrepancies or errors.