With the myDoc Family Doctor model, you save on premiums.
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myDoc Family Doctor model

The myDoc Family Doctor model, a variant of basic insurance, stands for cost-effective medical services in a familiar environment. Nobody knows you better than your family doctor. For this reason, you always turn to your doctor first in the event of illness or medical issues, and they will only refer you to specialists if necessary. This way, myDoc provides you with security and allows you to save on premiums.

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Family Doctor Model – Your Benefits

One point of contact

One point of contact

Personal family doctor as the first contact person

Coordination by the family doctor

Coordination by the family doctor

Organisation by family doctors, who know their patients

Attractive premiums

Attractive premiums

No unnecessary examinations – lower premiums

myDoc is a special and cost-effective form of mandatory health care insurance. The fundamental difference is that your family doctor is always the first point of contact.

You can go directly to another doctor or to the hospital without a referral from your family doctor in the following situations:
  • in the event of an emergency
  • for gynaecological check-ups
  • for obstetric care
  • to the ophthalmologist for the prescription of glasses and contact lenses
  • for the treatment of children at the paediatrician
Doctor list

Doctor list

You can see which doctors are recognised as family doctors by CONCORDIA by consulting the doctor list, which is updated on a regular basis.

You must observe the following when you take out myDoc:

  • Choose the myDoc doctor of your choice from the list of doctors. The myDoc doctor list is updated regularly.
  • You must notify CONCORDIA of the doctor that you have chosen. This also applies when changing doctors.
  • You undertake to always contact your indicated doctor first; the exceptions are listed above. 

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