Please have it with you at all times!

Health insurance card

In Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein, the insurance card must be presented when purchasing medically prescribed medicines in a pharmacy. In certain hospitals and medical practices, the insurance card serves as proof of insurance.

This is what you need to know:

  • The health insurance card is issued by your health insurance provider.
  • You will find the KVG/LAMal health insurance card on the front of the card.
  • On the back side, you will find the European Health Insurance Card.
  • On the microchip, upon request, personal medical data can be stored.
  • This data can be protected by a pin code.
  • CONCORDIA has no access to your stored data.
  • On the card, you will find the concordiaMed 24-hour emergency telephone number, which is valid worldwide.
  • If you lose the card, you must order a new card.
  • When changing health insurance providers, you will receive a new card.

You should always have the card with you at all times, even when traveling and during stays abroad.


Health insurance card as proof of insurance

The health insurance card serves as a health insurance certificate in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein as well as in EU and EFTA countries. Moreover, it simplifies the billing process between health insurances as well as doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. The administrative data only has to be recorded once, which reduces the effort significantly.


Valuable information in case of emergency

The medical data on the health insurance card can provide valuable hints during the discussion between patients and their doctors for the diagnosis and treatment. In case of emergency, it can even save your life. In an emergency, the attending doctor has immediate insight to your medical data, and also sees which relatives should be notified. This shall only apply if the personal data can be accessed without a PIN code.  


With the concordiaMed emergency telephone number accessible worldwide, 24 hours a day

This emergency telephone number can be found on each health insurance card. concordiaMed is a round-the-clock service which is available to all persons insured by CONCORDIA. In the event of any medical concerns or uncertainties, qualified experts advise you by telephone.

Loss, damage or theft of the card

You can request a new card. Within two to three weeks, you will receive your new insurance card by mail.


If you are in urgent need of the card because you are planning a stay in an EU or EFTA country, we would be happy to issue you the provisional replacement certificate.


If you have any questions, your CONCORDIA agency will be pleased to help you.


In case of loss, theft or damage to the insurance card, all medical data on the insurance card is lost. This also applies if you forget the PIN code.


New card when changing health insurance

When changing health insurance, the future insurance provider will issue you a new insurance card.

The previous insurance provider, as the owner of the insurance card, has the possibility to request the card back in order to exclude further use or to prevent misuse. Before you send the card back upon expiry or when changing insurance provider, you may cut up the microchip so that your personal data will be irrevocably deleted.