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Has your doctor proposed an operation for you as a treatment option?

Every operation carries risks. To be able to decide safely and independently for or against surgery, you need objective and fact-based information.

How do you get to the important information that makes your decision-making easier?

  • Inform yourself with the help of fact boxes that show you the benefits and risks of treatments and operations in easy-to-understand language and with simple graphics.

  • Prepare the discussion with your doctor with the aid of these fact boxes so that you can ask specific questions.

  • If, after talking to your doctor, you are still unsure whether you want to have the surgery performed, you are free to seek a neutral second medical opinion.

Our guides «Your Doctor Appointment», «Benefits and Risks of Treatments», and «Second Medical Opinion» as well as our checklists «Medical Consultation» and «Planned Operation» offer you suggestions for obtaining the necessary information and for asking your doctor specific questions.

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Depending on the surgical indication in the event of planned operations, it makes sense to seek a second medical opinion. In particular, if you are in doubt as to whether an operation is really a good option at this time, a second medical opinion can give you more confidence in making the decision.

The chief physicians and senior physicians of our partner, the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) , assess your health situation based on your previous examination reports and results, and then recommend a procedure. Depending on the findings, the recommendation of the second opinion doctor may differ from the suggestion of the doctor treating you. However, the definitive decision for or against a treatment is always yours to make.

We recommend the following procedure:
  • Request a neutral second medical opinion via the web portal of the LUKS (available in English)

  • Discuss the recommendation of the second opinion doctor with the doctor treating you

  • Make informed and reliable decisions

Important to know:

Doctors who give a second opinion are not allowed to be involved in the current treatment and - regardless of the recommendation - under no circumstances take over the future treatment. Only then can their independence be maintained, and the recommendation be truly neutral. Further information can be obtained from our guide «Second Medical Opinion».

As a patient, you have the right to request your medical records from your doctors so that you can forward them to the LUKS so that it can offer a second medical opinion. In our guide «Patient Rights», you will learn more about your rights and obligations as a patient.

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Have you decided on an operation?

In this case, we recommend that you seek personal advice from us regarding the choice of hospital.

The more than 100 acute care hospitals in Switzerland differ in the quality of the various treatments they perform. Each year, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP/UFSP/FOPH) and the Swiss National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ) collect recognised features of treatment quality from a variety of diagnoses and publish the result.

Among other things, these are the following features:

  • Number of cases treated

  • Wound infection rate

  • Mortality rate

  • Patient satisfaction

In addition, the institute B,S,S. Economic Consultants, on behalf of CONCORDIA, evaluates these quality characteristics along with the costs. This neutral and independent evaluation is based on anonymised data from several years. This results in an overall rating for selected treatments for more than 30 diagnosis from all Swiss acute hospitals.

Our guide «Hospital Evaluation» contains further information. Take advantage of the opportunity and allow us to advise you personally in the choice of hospital.

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You have the choice and you decide.

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