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Many people wish to be cared for and nursed at home in their old age, because at home you feel safe and comfortable. Usually, relatives take over the care and nursing tasks.

However, these additional and unfamiliar tasks for family caregivers often entail a break into one's own everyday structure: occupational and family obligations, one's own health problems and geographical distances can cause the caring tasks to lead one to their breaking point.

Are you planning to take care of a relative at home or are you already doing so? 

Then take care of your own health, and benefit from the relief options that we describe in our guide «Family Caregivers»:
  • Check the home environment of the person of which you are taking care for tripping hazards

  • Plan your own recovery phases

  • Learn back-friendly care tasks

  • Apply for financial support

  • Clarify your own legal certainty

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Further information:

The need for care is associated with high costs, not only with regard to a stay in a nursing home.

Despite the reimbursement of, or cost sharing for, medically necessary measures through basic and supplementary insurance, many costs remain uncovered. This means that, where necessary, one must clarify whether the costs will be covered by other payers, or whether the cost assumption lies solely with the person concerned. Costs which are not covered may be incurred through the franchise and deductible for outpatient services, Spitex contributions, costs for special therapies, spa stays, certain medical aids, meal service or third-party care.

The financial burden can quickly lead to a bottleneck, therefore becoming a stress factor for those affected as well as for family caregivers.

Do not let the financial burden have a negative impact on your health. Check the possibilities of financial support and apply for them if necessary.

In our guide «Family Caregivers», you will find more information about the following financial support possibilities:
  • Helplessness allowance at a certain degree of helplessness

  • Supplementary benefits (EL) to the AHV/AVS/OASI-IV/AI pension

  • Short-term financial support from patient organisations

  • Premium reduction

  • Supplement for caring tasks (depending on the canton and municipality)

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You have to take care of your relatives in need of care at home, but are still in the labour force? Do you therefore toy with the idea of reducing your workload, or giving up your job altogether?

It is worth undertaking certain inquiries so that you can avoid financial losses and gaps in the pension scheme due to assuming the role of caregiver.

Which possibilities are there?

  • Negotiate an employment contract for care with the person in need of care.

  • Find out whether the involved Spitex organisation can hire you for the basic care of your relative.

  • Check with the AHV/AVS/OASI to see if you are entitled to care credits, and ask for these accordingly.

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