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Hospital Stay

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Whether it occurs in an emergency or is planned, hospital admission can be a source of uncertainty and anxiety.

In order for a planned hospital stay, such as for an operation or examination, to lead to the desired treatment outcome, it is worthwhile to prepare the stay both in organisational and administrative terms. This way, you can actively contribute to everything flowing smoothly.

Consult our guide «Hospital Stay» and our checklists «Hospital Admission» and «Planned operation» and take advantage of our suggestions for a well-prepared hospital stay.

When preparing for your hospital stay, please consider the following in particular:

  • We can personally advise you in regards to which hospital particularly excels in terms of treatment quality and cost-effectiveness as far as your diagnosis is concerned.

  • Prepare all necessary documents for the day of entry.

  • Organize your absence from home (child care, post, plants, and more)

  • Plan which means of transport you will use to come to the hospital as well as back home from the hospital.

If you suffer from one or even more chronic illnesses and would like to have personal support to help you help yourself during your treatment, concordiaCoach, on behalf of CONCORDIA, offers individual coaching. Details can be found in the guide «Chronic Illness».

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Advice on hospital choice

Medical clarification is also mandatory during a hospital stay.

But often, the necessary discussions with the medical professionals, such as during the ward rounds or during an explanatory discussion before an operation, equate to a flood of information. It can be difficult under such circumstances to filter out the information that is relevant to you, to understand the information, and furthermore, to ask specific questions in order to make good decisions.

Many patients respond rather passively in such situations and allow themselves to be steered in the decision-making process. This is understandable.

How do you react in such a case? Is it important to you to be able to participate in the decision-making, actively and with self-determination, during the next steps of the treatment, and thus have a direct influence on the treatment quality?

Our guides «Hospital Stay», «Doctor Appointment» and «Patient Rights» inform you about various aspects that are important during a hospital stay. Likewise, we offer you various situation-specific checklists to give you suggestions for important questions during your hospital stay.

Please note the following points during your hospital stay:
  • Prepare medical consultations with the help of our situation-specific checklists

  • Ask immediately if you do not understand something

  • Take part actively and early in the planning of post-treatment

The earlier you actively participate in the planning and organisation of your hospital discharge, the fewer delays and waiting times for follow-up treatment there will be immediately after your discharge from the hospital.

Support your treatment team at an early stage in taking the necessary steps to be discharged from the hospital. This allows you to incorporate your wishes and needs, such as when choosing an outpatient therapist, or when scheduling the follow-up appointments.

With our guides «Hospital Stay» and «Transports and Medical Aids – Financing» as well as our checklist «Hospital Discharge», you will receive important information and suggestions for planning a smooth hospital discharge.

Already planning the discharge when you are admitted to the hospital means, in concrete terms:
  • planning the necessary follow-up appointments with your treatment team at an early stage;

  • scheduling, already during your hospital stay, the first appointments for the prescribed therapies that will follow the hospital stay;

  • organising necessary transport services to doctor and therapy appointments at an early stage;

  • organising the potentially necessary medical aids in time (such as walking aids); and

  • organising any necessary support services for your home during your stay (domestic help or Spitex).

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