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Today, we are getting older, but we also feel fit longer. Nevertheless, there may be age-related physical changes and ailments that could potentially interfere in normal everyday life. Declining vision, balance disorders or chronic illnesses that lead to mobility problems are examples of age-related ailments that are associated with an increased risk of falling.

The falls of senior citizens are associated with a high level of injuries (in particular, fractures), which can severely impair functionality and mobility.

What can you do to avoid falls?

  • Remove tripping hazards (for example carpets or exposed cables) in your home.

  • Have your eyesight checked regularly.

  • Exercise regularly to maintain your mobility, balance and fitness.

  • Have your doctor or pharmacist check your medication for any undesirable effects, such as drop in blood pressure, dizziness or drowsiness.

If required, we will also arrange an apartment check-up by a physiotherapist of the Rheumaliga Schweiz (Rheumatism League Switzerland). This physiotherapist will advise you personally on how you can eliminate trip hazards in your living environment, and on which exercises are suitable for you to increase your strength and balance.

The cost of this home visit and the housing survey is taken over by CONCORDIA

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Are you affected by one or more chronic illnesses?

Then you are not alone: a quarter of the Swiss population suffers from a chronic illness; one fifth is in medical treatment on a regular basis for this reason.

A total of 80% of health care costs are related to the treatment of chronic illnesses and the complications related to them. As the bodies of affected people are weakened, a simple flu can lead to complications and even require emergency treatment in hospital. For this reason, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP/UFSP/FOPH) recommends the annual seasonal flu vaccination for chronically ill patients.

As a person affected, you know that for people with one or more chronic illnesses, this takes a toll on many levels: Physical disabilities, pain, possibly depression, the financial burden of high treatment costs (franchises, deductible for outpatient measures and medication, hospital and Spitex contributions, cost sharing for medical aids, and more), social withdrawal and isolation.

To support you during these difficult situations, CONCORDIA offers concordiaCoach, a personal consultation to help you to help yourself (available in German and French). Your coach will advise you on all disease-related issues, show you how to behave in certain situations in order to influence your course of treatment actively and with self-determination, and show how you can potentially save money without jeopardizing the quality of your treatment. The costs of this coaching are fully covered by CONCORDIA.

  • Personal coaching during the treatment

  • Annual flu vaccine according to the recommendation of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP/UFSP/FOPH)

  • Saving on medication

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We all want to live independently and with self-determination in our old age. But have you also been in situations that have overwhelmed you?

Many people, in particular elderly persons who are chronically ill, know the financial burden due to high treatment costs. Because of this, people who are affected sometimes decide against an effective treatment for cost reasons or, for example, independently reduce the dosage of their prescribed drugs to save money. The consequence of this may be a deterioration of the general condition, which may even lead to an emergency treatment.

It is important that you get competent advice, especially in matters regarding health and the associated financial and social burdens, before you take measures that could possibly harm you. In Switzerland, there are many specialist and patient organisations that offer such consultations, and in some cases even provide short-term financial interim aid.

If required, you can also make use of the personal coaching provided by concordiaCoach (available in German and French). Together with your coach, you can check possible solutions for your individual situation. In addition, this coach can give you specific recommendations and tips on how to behave or to whom else you can turn. The costs of the coaching are fully covered by CONCORDIA.
  • Get expert advice if you encounter problems in the daily routine of your treatment.

  • CONCORDIA offers you personal coaching during your treatment.

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