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HeadApp is a digital headache diary that helps you to better understand and analyse headaches and accompanying symptoms. 

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Headache episodes can be recorded and tracked in the diary, including details of time, duration, type, intensity, location and accompanying symptoms. The information is displayed in a clear manner and can be used to analyse the headaches.

Based on the information entered, a report is created that can be exported as a PDF file. Another useful function is the sleep diary with a programmable alarm clock. Sleep times and headache episodes can be compared graphically.

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Further descriptions

  • Available languages
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • English

    Other languages available

  • Developer
    M3 Technology Srl
    Milan, Italy
  • Costs and features

    Costs for the basic version*:

    • CHF 0.00

    Contents of the basic version:

    • Headache diary including entry of accompanying symptoms
    • Clear, graphic representation of headache episodes recorded
    • Option to enter and display sleep quality
    • Entries and evaluations can be exported as a PDF report

    Costs for the premium version*:

    • No paid version available.

    *The costs for the apps are regularly checked and updated. However, changes may occur at short notice.

  • Data protection
    • EU data protection law
    • The app can be used without registering. If you do this, your health data is stored locally on your smartphone.
    • If you register, health data is stored on your smartphone and transmitted to an external storage location (generally on the cloud) in encrypted form.
    • Health data can be used for studies in anonymised form.
  • Exchange of data with other apps
    Yes (Apple Health)

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