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Mental illnesses

Rootd -  Anxiety & Panic Relief

The Rootd app helps people suffering from panic attacks and anxiety to overcome their fears and regain their confidence.

Fearful turquoise mascot The app is based on a playful, easy-to-understand approach to the management of anxiety and panic attacks. Mascot Ron guides you through the app. Tapping the red button activates ‘Rootr’, a function which helps you either to face your anxiety or panic attack head on or find comfort as quickly as possible. The app provides information on where our anxiety comes from, how our bodies react to it and why our fears arise, as well as a range of tips on how to achieve both short-term and long-term improvements. It also features guided breathing exercises, body scans and music to help you get to sleep. You can record and track your fears and moods in the diary.

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  • Available languages
    • German
    • French
    • English

    Other languages available

  • Developer
    Simply Rooted Media Inc.
    Victoria, Canada
  • Costs and features

    Costs for the basic version*:

    • CHF 0.00

    Contents of the basic version:

    • All chargeable content can be used for free during the seven-day trial period.

    Costs for the premium version*:

    • CHF 45.00 per year (Google)
    • CHF 30.00 per year (Apple)

    Please note that the cost of the premium version is shown as CHF 70 in the app. In the store itself, the reduced cost as indicated above is charged.

    Contents of the premium version:

    • Emergency button for support with anxiety and panic attacks
    • Information on the topic of anxiety and panic attacks
    • Guided breathing exercises and body scans
    • Music to help you get to sleep
    • Collection of quotes 
    • Diary for recording and tracking moods and fears
    • Statistical evaluation of the information recorded about your state of mind

    *The costs for the apps are regularly checked and updated. However, changes may occur at short notice.

  • Data protection
    • CA data protection law
    • The app can be used anonymously. If you do this, your health data is stored locally on your smartphone. 
    • If you set up a personal account, your health data will undergo additional encryption before being transmitted to an external storage location (generally on the cloud).
    • Health data may be shared with third parties for specific purposes.
  • Exchange of data with other apps
    Yes (Apple Health)

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