We show where you can go for outpatient psychotherapy and what the difference is between psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.
Psychotherapist? Psychologist? Psychiatrist?

Outpatient psychotherapy

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Distinguishing between the different professionals

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between the various specialists in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry. In general, the following rule applies:
  • Psychologists

    Psychologists have a degree in psychology but no specialist training in psychotherapy. As a result, they are not authorised to treat people with mental illnesses and work in non-medical areas such as career advice instead.

  • Psychotherapists

    Psychotherapists have a degree in psychology plus a specialist qualification in psychotherapy. This means that they are allowed to provide psychotherapy but not to prescribe any medicines.

  • Psychiatrists

    Psychiatrists have a degree in medicine and a specialist medical qualification in psychiatry and psychotherapy. As a result, they are authorised to provide medical psychotherapy treatment and prescribe medicines. 

Anyone who is suffering from a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or a compulsive disorder should therefore contact a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

Cost coverage of outpatient psychotherapy

When the disorder is classed as pathological, outpatient psychotherapy is paid for by mandatory health insurance (OKP/AOS/AOMS, basic insurance).

Psychiatrists are allowed to work independently and for their own account provided that they meet the statutory accreditation requirements. The same applies to self-employed psychotherapists; Please note however that a medical prescription for psychotherapy is necessary for the costs to be covered by mandatory health insurance. 

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How do I prepare for the initial psychotherapeutic consultation?

You would like to start psychotherapy? You should prepare well for the first consultation with a psychotherapeutic specialist and think about your wishes and expectations of both the therapy and the therapist in advance.

We have compiled a checklist for you, which you can use to prepare yourself for the first consultation with a psychotherapist.

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