People’s overall state of mental health has deteriorated in recent years. CONCORDIA offers a free mental health check to identify problems at an early stage.
Early identification

Assess your mental health with the mental health check

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Identify need for treatment

Have you been feeling depressed and under mental strain for more than two weeks? Are you unsure whether you need therapeutic or medical help?

The earlier mental health problems are identified and treated, the more likely the patient is to have a good treatment outcome. 

That is why the mental health check by our partner Klenico enables CONCORDIA insured persons to get an initial assessment of their mental health quickly, and easily from home. The costs of the check are covered by CONCORDIA.

Mental health check in four steps:
  • Advice from Health Compass:
    call Health Compass and get some advice on whether a mental health check is advisable in your situation.

  • Online questionnaire:
    fill in the online questionnaire conveniently from wherever you are. Your details will be forwarded directly to a Klenico specialist and treated in strict confidence. CONCORDIA will not be able to view your data.

  • Video consultation:
    in a personal Video consultation with a Klenico specialist – who has a federally recognised qualification in psychology – the results of the online questionnaire will be discussed and you will be given specific recommendations for the next stages of treatment.

  • Final report:
    you will receive a summary of the conversation content and the results of the online questionnaire in the form of a written report. The report will be sent only to you. Whether and with whom you want to discuss the report is entirely up to you.

  • You have either basic or supplementary insurance with CONCORDIA. 

  • You have Internet access and an e-mail address.

  • You are able to take part in a video call with the Klenico specialist. 

Disease patterns of mental illnesses

Further information

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    Advisory resources

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