European Health Insurance Card on the back side

European health insurance card

If you have taken out Mandatory Health Care Insurance with CONCORDIA, the European Health Insurance Card can be found on the back side of your health insurance card with the following details:

  • Insurance number
  • Country
  • Surname and first name
  • AHV/AVS number
  • Card number
  • Date of birth
  • ID number of the insurance carrier
  • Date of expiry
  • Magnetic strip
No personal data or data concerning your state of health is stored on the magnetic stripe of your health insurance card. Only a card number has been stored on it which allows one to obtain information regarding your insurance cover.

Card for accident and illness when abroad

During a temporary stay in an EU or EFTA country, with the European Health Insurance Card, you have access to unscheduled medical treatments in the event of illness, accident or maternity. We recommend that you take your European Health Insurance Card with you on every trip.

If you forget the card, you will nevertheless receive the medically necessary treatment. However, the treatment costs will not, as a rule, be reimbursed in the same amount as when you show your health insurance card. However, you can also ask CONCORDIA for a provisional replacement certificate, which offers you the same protection as does the European Health Insurance Card.

The European Health Insurance Card is no replacement for Vacation and Travel Insurance. It also guarantees no free treatment.