CONCORDIA official partner of the Swiss Basketball Association
The orange ball occupies centre stage.

Swiss Basketball

In basketball, everything revolves around only one thing: the orange ball. In this case, a parallel can be drawn to CONCORDIA: the orange ball is its trademark. 

This is perfect interplay: As official partner of the Swiss Basketball Association, CONCORDIA is committed to ensuring that the attractive sport of basketball become more widely known. With its sponsorship of the Swiss Cup and the SBL Cup, CONCORDIA is present at the most important basketball events and, in doing so, supports the sport in targeted ways. CONCORDIA rounds off its sponsorship of the association with the Cup Final, which is one of the athletic highlights of the season. The winner can then compete in the Super Cup against the reigning champions.

Basketball Super Cup

CONCORDIA supports the Super Cup together with Swiss Mobiliar. Once a year, the giants of basketball clash with each other. With both the men and women’s teams, the first prestigious title is at stake once the season kicks off. Who will win? The reigning champion or the Cup winner?

Commitment to Young Talent

Right before the Super Cup, Kids’ Day takes place. This is a day when games and fun for the youngest of basketball fans are in the foreground. Afterwards, the little ones can cheer on their idols. The promotion of young talent is particularly dear to CONCORDIA. Not only do the children learn to move in a playful manner, but they are also taught two important values: fairness and trust in players and referees. Values that are especially important to CONCORDIA.