With the myDoc Family Doctor model, you save on premiums.
Family doctor - a doctor you trust

The myDoc family doctor model

With myDoc Family Doctor Insurance, CONCORDIA offers basic insurance within the framework of the family doctor model. It provides convenient, basic medical care in a familiar environment. Nobody knows you better than your family doctor. That is why they are your first point of contact if you are ill or you have a medical question. You will be referred to specialists if necessary. myDoc provides a high level of safety on excellent terms.

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myDoc Family Doctor Insurance - Your advantages

One point of contact

One point of contact

Personal family doctor as the first contact person

Coordination by the family doctor

Coordination by the family doctor

Organisation by family doctors, who know their patients best

Cost savings

Cost savings

No unnecessary treatments – lower premiums

myDoc Family Doctor Insurance

myDoc is a special and convenient form of mandatory health care insurance. The main difference compared to the traditional basic insurance model is that your family doctor is always your first point of contact. As your family doctor will organise your treatments, the myDoc alternative insurance model comes with attractive premiums. A higher deductible allows you to save further on premiums.

You must bear in mind the following when you take out myDoc cover:

  • Select your myDoc family doctor out of the list of myDoc doctors, which is continuously updated.
  • You must then inform CONCORDIA of your selected doctor. This also applies if you change doctor.
  • You undertake to always contact your indicated family doctor first in the event of health problems. Where necessary from a medical point of view, your family doctor will refer you directly to a specialist. This saves time and money.

myDoc doctor list

You can find out which doctors CONCORDIA recognises as family doctors from the list of doctors.

Further advantages of the myDoc Family Doctor Insurance:

  • You benefit from a premium discount of at least 10 %.
  • You benefit from a premium discount of 88 % from the third child enrolled for basic insurance.
  • A higher deductible allows you to save further on premiums.
  • You benefit from outpatient medical care at any time.
  • You have immediate access to any doctor or hospital in the event of an emergency.
  • You avoid unnecessary multiple examinations.

You can contact a specialist doctor directly in the following situations:

  • In the event of an emergency
  • for gynaecological checks
  • for obstetric care
  • for the prescription of glasses or contact lenses by the ophthalmologist
  • for the treatment of children by the paediatrician

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