Vorsorgen mit CONVITA: 3. Säule - gebundene Vorsorge (3a)
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Tied pension provision (pillar 3a)

You change over the course of your life, and so do your needs. CONVITA – our modular pillar 3 solution – accompanies you throughout your journey and can be adapted flexibly to new phases of life at any time.

The Swiss pension system is based on three pillars: the state pension (AHV/AVS/ OASI - IV/AI), the occupational pension (pension fund) and private retirement provision (pillars 3a and 3b). Pillar 1 – the state pension – ensures your financial security after retirement. It also supports you if you become disabled and provides your survivors with minimum-subsistence-level support in the event of your death. As the Swiss population is getting older, pension levels are falling. Pillar 2 refers to the occupational pension funds. All employees aged 18 and over with a minimum annual income of CHF 21,510 are insured (compulsory up to the upper limit of CHF 86,040). Pillars 1 and 2 cover around 60% to 70% of the final salary. Pillar 3 – private retirement provision – provides an opportunity to secure your own financial future and make up any shortfalls in your retirement provision.

In pillar 3, you can choose between flexible 3b and tied 3a schemes.

Pillar 3b is a flexible form of retirement provision in which you decide yourself how much to pay in and whether the money should be invested in real estate, shares, etc. The disadvantage, however, is that your deposits are not always tax-deductible.

The state-supported pillar 3a is particularly interesting because it enables you to deduct up to CHF 6,883 (as of 2021) from your taxable income, if you are affiliated with a pension fund. If savings capital is accumulated in pillar 3a, it can be drawn without special reasons at the earliest five years before the standard AHV/AVS/OASI retirement age. You can withdraw it early in exceptional cases, as defined by law, such as to buy a house in which you will then live.

As part of pillar 3a, we can offer you our product CONVITA. You can take out CONVITAsave and CONVITArisk policies separately or in combination. You decide flexibly at any time which modules are important for you.