Saving with Funds

INVIVA savings and risk insurance

With INVIVA fund-linked savings and risk insurance, you save money while simultaneously providing your loved ones with financial security in the event that anything happens to you. With the savings component, three different funds with different risk profiles are available for selection – you benefit from the development potential of the financial markets.

How you benefit with INVIVA savings and risk insurance

Reliable protection

Reliable protection

Guaranteed capital sum upon death for the protection of surviving dependents and creditors

High level of flexibility

High level of flexibility

Three investment funds with the possibility to switch during the duration of the contract

Clear tax advantage

Clear tax advantage

Income tax-free capital payout in case of survival

What INVIVA fund-linked savings and risk insurance offers:

  • Payout of the value of the fund shares when the contract expires
  • Payout that is not taxed as income
  • Protection for surviving dependents and creditors
  • Payout in the event of death due to illness or accident of the guaranteed capital sum upon death or the value of the fund shares, if this is higher
  • Periodic premiums of as little as CHF 50 per month or one-off deposit starting from CHF 5,000 (you are free to choose)
  • Free choice of beneficiaries

Is INVIVA something for me and how does this insurance work?

When taking out INVIVA, you can decide for one of three possible investment strategies (funds). During the duration of the contract, you deposit the stipulated premium regularly. The deposited savings premium is invested in the fund chosen by you. In this way, you participate in the developments of the financial markets. At the end of the duration of the contract, the value of the fund units is paid out to you. In the event of death, the guaranteed insured capital sum upon death – or the value of the fund unit, if this is higher – is paid out.


Which investment strategies can be chosen?

Investors decide on an investment strategy and choose one of three funds when taking out the insurance. The INVIVA fund range of UBS includes three investment strategies: 
Fund name

UBS Vitainvest 25 Swiss Sustainable

UBS Vitainvest 50 Swiss Sustainable

UBS Vitainvest 75 Swiss Sustainable

Fluctuations in value

moderate average considerable

Investor profile



With the full currency hedge in CHF, the investor is also safeguarded if the investments are invested outside of Switzerland. Source: UBS. Graphic serves for illustrative purposes only.