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The days when patients would leave the decisions about treatment options to their doctors are over. Many patients today want to have an active voice in their treatment and discuss it eye-to-eye with their doctors.

Since a doctor appointment is usually limited in time, we recommend that you prepare the interview well. This way, you can make sure that you do not forget to talk or inquire about something important while at the same time receiving important information that is necessary for good treatment decisions.

Therefore, to prepare for your doctor appointment, answer the following questions:
  • How do you assess your current state of health?

  • What positive or negative changes have you noticed since your last appointment?

  • How do you experience the effects of the prescribed medication?

  • Do you need additional support (e.g. from Spitex) as part of your treatment?

With our guides «Your Doctor Appointment» and «Medication», you can find out how to prepare for and actively organize your doctor's consultation. The checklists «Medical Consultation» and «Medicative Therapy» provide you with additional suggestions in order to prepare optimally for your doctor appointment. 

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Medication brochure 
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The exchange of information between doctor and patient is the basis for a goal-oriented treatment. The discussion should therefore be structured in such a way that both you and your doctor have enough time and opportunity to pass on information, ask questions, and formulate requests.

Depending on the reason for the doctor appointment, we recommend that you bring along a trusted person who can support you and, if necessary, take notes. This way, you also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with this person after the appointment and to check whether you both have understood the same thing. This can potentially make difficult decisions easier.

We recommend the following procedure during your doctor appointment:
  • Inform your doctor according to your preparation and ask him your questions.

  • Immediately ask if you do not understand something the doctor has told you, or if you are not sure that you have understood it correctly.

  • At the end of the conversation, summarize the most important statements in your own words.

  • Particularly with regard to difficult treatment decisions, it makes sense to take notes during the medical consultation.

The guides «Your Doctor Appointment » and «Patient Rights» provide you with important information and suggestions that can serve as support for the discussion. The checklists «Medical Consultation» and «Medicative Therapy», which you have already used for preparation, can also provide you with further suggestions for questions to ask your doctor.

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Has your doctor suggested one or more treatment options for you and is now waiting for your decision?

Our recommendation:

Never let yourself be driven to a decision, but think calmly about what you want to do.

If your doctor has suggested an operation for you as a treatment option, you can also seek a second medical opinion. This way, you will receive additional information, possibly a confirmation of the treatment proposal, or perhaps suggestions for alternative therapy options. The decision regarding the definitive treatment is up to you.

You should proceed as follows if you are facing a decision regarding further treatment steps:

  • Think about the received information calmly

  • Clarify all open questions before you decide

  • Exchange ideas if necessary with a person of confidence

  • Use the opportunity to obtain a second medical opinion if your doctor has suggested an operation as a treatment option.

  • Make the decision only if you have weighed out the pros and cons calmly

Our guide «Second Medical Opinion» and the checklist «Planned Operation» provide you with further information and suggestions.

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