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Established, tested and safe

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Are you looking for a health app tailored to your need? We'll help you choose from among the main applications available on the market: you'll find our recommendations here.

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Established, tested and safe

Our health app recommendations are the result of careful and systematic research conducted on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Trusted provider

  • High technical relevance

  • High level of user-friendliness

  • High degree of security and compliance with Swiss, EU and GB data protection regulations

  • Good customer rating

  • Good value for money and cost transparency

  • Availability in several national languages of Switzerland and English

  • Availability for Android and Apple.

We would like to point out that we regularly review and update the information about the apps.

Last amended on 26 January 2024

Checklist for choosing your health apps

Use our checklist to check the quality and trustworthiness of the health apps of your choice.