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The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app provides an insight into the development of babies and helps parents to provide their child with optimal support.

Sitting and pensive white comic baby on a yellow background The Wonder Weeks app helps you to understand and optimally support the mental development of your baby up to the age of 20 months. The child’s developmental leaps are explained and can be documented and recorded in the diary. In addition, the Wonder Weeks app contains numerous game ideas to stimulate the new abilities.

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Further descriptions

  • Available languages
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian

    Other languages available

  • Developer
    Twise Victory B.V.
    Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Costs and features

    Costs for the basic version*:

    There is no free version.

    Costs for the premium version*:

    • CHF 6 (one-off)

    Contents of the premium version:

    • Personalised development progress chart
    • Description and information about the development progress
    • Ideas for games that develop and stimulate skills
    • Personal development diary

    *The costs for the apps are regularly checked and updated. However, changes may occur at short notice.

  • Data protection
    • EU data protection laws
    • Health data relating to the child’s growth is stored on your smartphone and transferred in encrypted form to a external location (usually a cloud).
    • Health data may be shared with third parties for specific purposes.
  • Exchange of data with other apps
    Yes (Apple Health und Google Fit)

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