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Prevention - Relaxation and well-being

7Mind Meditation

With the 7Mind app, you can find guided meditations and other types of relaxation for children and adults. Balance and relaxation in everyday life are the goal.

Green heptagon with a white seven in the middle The 7Mind app offers a wide range of guided meditations, journeys of the mind, soothing sounds, bedtime stories and relaxation exercises for all ages. The app is an ideal assistant for those who are looking for more relaxation and well-being in everyday life. The app is also suitable for people who are new to meditation and offers the possibility to choose from different speakers.

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Further descriptions

  • Available languages
    • English
    • French
    • German

    Other languages available

  • Developer
    7Mind GmbH
    Berlin, Germany
  • Costs and features

    Costs for the basic version*:

    • CHF 0.00

    Contents of the basic version:

    All free-based content can be used free of charge for a maximum of seven days as part of a trial. After that, the following functions can be used free of charge:

    • Basic course for beginners
    • Limited selection of individual meditations

    Costs for the premium version*:

    • CHF 60 per year
    • CHF 12  per month
    • CHF 300 (one-off)

    Contents of the premium version:

    • Meditation players
    • Hundreds of guided meditations in German and English
    • In-depth courses with meditations on stress, sleep, concentration, serenity, etc.
    • Imaginary journeys
    • Imaginary journeys and meditations for children
    • Soothing sounds of nature
    • SOS meditations
    • Meditation techniques such as breathing exercises or body scans
    • Possibility to select different speakers
    • Motivating notifications in everyday life

    *The costs for the apps are regularly checked and updated. However, changes may occur at short notice.

  • Data protection
    • EU data protection laws
    • Health data relating to relaxation and meditation is stored on your smartphone and transferred in encrypted form to a external location (usually a cloud). 
    • Health data may be shared with third parties for specific purposes.
  • Exchange of data with other apps
    Yes (Apple Health)

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