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Prevention - Relaxation and well-being


The Remente app helps you to make everyday life more productive and to strengthen your mental well-being.

Half filled in smile against a beige background. The Remente app is the ideal motivation app for all those who want to reach their full potential. The integrated to-do list enables better time management and via mood diary, your own feelings can be documented. Videos and interactive instructions, as well as tips and information in the Remente app, help you to structure your routines and habits and find more balance in your everyday life.

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  • Available languages
    • English
    • German
    • Italian

    Other languages available

  • Developer
    Remente AG
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Costs and features

    Costs for the basic version*:

    • CHF 0.00

    Contents of the basic version:
    All paid content can be used free of charge for a maximum of seven days

    Costs for the premium version*:

    • CHF 30 per year (Apple)
    • CHF 27 per year (Google)

    Contents of the premium version:

    • Tasks and aids such as mood diary and to-do list
    • Personal objectives
    • Tips and information on a self-determined and productive life
    • Videos and interactive instructions

    *The costs for the apps are regularly checked and updated. However, changes may occur at short notice.

  • Data protection
    • EU data protection laws
    • Health data relating to everyday life and motivation is stored on your smartphone and transferred in encrypted form to a external location (usually a cloud).
    • Health data will therefore also not be passed on to third parties.
  • Exchange of data with other apps

Checklist for choosing your health apps

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