Member of the Association

CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance is a non-profit association. The association is the umbrella organisation for the CONCORDIA Group. It, along with all its companies, belongs to the persons insured, who, at the same time, are members of the association.

Own together, win together: CONCORDIA shares its success with the persons it insures. The increase in premiums remains predictable and benefits are developed in line with families.

From the Statutes of the CONCORDIA Association

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  • Purpose of the Association
    The CONCORDIA Association offers and provides insurance protection against financial consequences of illness, maternity, accident, disability and death. It is a non-profit association.
  • Start of Membership
    Any natural person living in the area of activity who takes out mandatory health care insurance or a supplementary care insurance to mandatory health care insurance (with the exception of Vacation and Travel Insurance) with a company of the CONCORDIA Group becomes a member of the CONCORDIA Association unless that person specifically declines admission.
  • Expiry of Membership
    Membership ends automatically with the termination of all mentioned insurances or with the resignation of the member.
  • Liabilities
    Members are not personally liable for the obligations of the CONCORDIA Association. Likewise, no membership fees are incurred.
  • Area of Activity
    The area of activity covers Switzerland, its external border areas and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  • Right to Vote and to Participate in Elections
    Association members have the right to vote and participate in elections upon reaching the age of 18.

Member of the Association

Any natural person living in the area of activity who takes out one or more of the following insurance products becomes a member of the "CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance" Association.