Vacation and Travel

A stay abroad

Vacation, language stay abroad, trip around the world? Clarify how well you are insured while abroad, optimise the protection, and leave your cares behind when you venture out into the big, wide world, which begins – from an actuarial point of view – just after the border.

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health insurance card

Health insurance card

Your identification card in case of emergencies

Emergency service

Emergency service

Organisation of help in case of emergency – round the clock

Protection abroad

Protection abroad

Vacation and Travel Insurance – feel good while on vacation

  • When am I insufficiently insured?
    • With basic insurance, emergency treatments abroad are covered.
    • Outside of the EU and EFTA countries, however, basic insurance pays up to the double of the amount that must be paid in Switzerland for the same treatment. Unfortunately, this is often not enough. Especially in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, this coverage is often insufficient.
  • How can I be optimally insured while abroad?
    • Supplement your insurance protection with Vacation and Travel Insurance by CONCORDIA. It protects you with worldwide, comprehensive protection against the financial consequences of illness and accidents. And it is excellent value for money.
    • The supplementary insurance DIVERSA also covers emergency treatments while abroad. You need no other insurance protection.
    • For scheduled treatments abroad, you are optimally insured with DIVERSApremium for outpatient treatments and with PRIVATE Hospital Insurance for inpatient treatments.
  • Always have your health insurance card with you!
    Your health insurance card with the emergency number, which helps around the clock and on weekends, too. You will need the card as proof of insurance in the event of a medical emergency in EU and EFTA member states. On the back side, you will find the European health insurance card.
  • Who helps me when abroad in the event of an emergency or if I have any questions?
    • In the event of an emergency or other health-related problem, call concordiaMed. The 24-hour health consulting service can be reached by dialling +41 41 210 02 50. You will find this telephone number on your insurance card.
    • Should you have questions regarding your insurance, please contact your CONCORDIA agency.