Free choice of doctor and hospital worldwide

PRIVATE Hospital Insurance

Is being able to choose your hospital and treating doctor worldwide important to you? PRIVATE Hospital Insurance offers this option, as well as the convenience of staying in a single room. This also applies in the event of an emergency. So that you can enjoy the best possible medical care and preferential treatment.

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PRIVATE Hospital Insurance - Your advantages

Free choice worldwide

Free choice worldwide

Free choice among hospitals recognised by CONCORDIA worldwide

Second opinion

Second opinion

Costs assumed for a second opinion from a specialist before an operation

Global assistance

Global assistance

concordiaMed premium: medical advice around the clock – worldwide

Our PRIVATE Hospital Insurance is the ideal supplementary insurance for customers who demand only the very best. This is also reflected in CONCORDIA's first-class service, for example, with its 24-hour emergency call service available worldwide. In some cases, you can also use this to book medical appointments directly. Supplementary hospital insurance provides parents with contributions toward rooming-in. This means that, as a parent, you can spend the night with your sick child at the hospital and vice versa.
  • Free choice of hospital worldwide

  • Free choice of doctor in the hospital worldwide

  • 100 % coverage in the event of an emergency abroad.

  • Coverage of costs to receive a second opinion before an operation.

  • Full private ward cost coverage worldwide for inpatient treatment

  • Single room for maximum privacy

  • Preferential care and first-class service

  • When rooming-in, the accompanying parent receives up to CHF 60/night for stays at the hospital in which their insured child is hospitalised. This also applies if the child stays with the insured parent who is hospitalised.

  • In the event of an outpatient birth or home birth, you will receive a one-off payment of CHF 1,500.

  • Worldwide 24-hour emergency call service

  • Direct and quick appointments with Hirslanden Group doctors and hospitals

  • Optional deductible: CHF 1,000 (12 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 2,000 (22 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 3,000 (32 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 5,000 (42 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 10,000 (62 % discount)

  • No premium increase after receipt of benefits

  • Additional contributions of CHF 70/day to medically prescribed convalescence and spa treatments (max. 21 days/year)

  • Additional contributions of CHF 70/day to medically prescribed domestic help and nursing at home (max. 30 days/year)

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