Premium payment exemption

Military and civilian service

Benefit from premium payment exemption in basic insurance (Mandatory health care insurance, myDoc, HMO) during military service or civilian service. Soldiers and officers are subject to military insurance during the period of service. Invoices are to be sent there.

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Military service

Military service

Exempt from paying premiums of basic insurance

Consultation and advisory service

Consultation and advisory service

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Close to you

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This is what you must know:

  • The premium payment exemption applies for basic insurance during a period of service of 60 or more consecutive days.
  • Optional supplementary insurance is not exempt from premiums.
  • During the military service, the supplementary insurances also take over benefits that are not included in the military insurance, such as a contribution to a fitness membership, glasses or for the private or semiprivate hospital ward.

This is how you suspend premium payment:

  • Send a copy of the summons or marching orders to CONCORDIA at least eight weeks before entering into service. The premium invoice will be suspended during the period of service.
  • If you send the marching orders in too late, it is possible that we will not be able to suspend the invoice in a timely manner. Premiums paid in excess will then be reallocated back to you only later.
  • Following the deployment, you must confirm in writing to the competent army office, such as the unit Commando. Then send this document to your CONCORDIA office.
  • Please note that you will not always automatically receive this document; therefore, ask for it.

Would you like to benefit from premium exemption? 

Send a copy of the marching orders or summons to civilian service to your CONCORDIA agency and allow us to advise you.
Please note the following: If your period of service changes, please report this immediately to your CONCORDIA agency.